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Advanced Productivity Computing

Advanced Productivity Computing is a Value Added Reseller , headquartered in Apple Valle MN. We provide information technology consulting, sales and services to businesses and educational organizations. As a trusted advisor, we can help you discover and implement effective and reliable solutions that keep your organization running at peek performance. Our industry experience and strong strategic alliances with top teir manufacters enable us to deliver sophisticated, scalable,  and cost effective information technology-based business solutions.  When you partner with Advanced Productivity,  we will help you achieve  the full value of the technology assets you invest in.


Assess school and school district infrastructures to determine if they are prepared to support the technology needs of students


Help companies overcome challenges and identify opportunities to achieve exceptional results


Help teachers integrate technology effectively into curriculum to better engage students and to help them reach their full potential


Help educational leaders better prepare our students for the future with technology


Offer industry leading products that are cost effective, reliable and versatile


We can help you transform your classroom into a collaborative learning environment where students and teachers can interact without boundaries


Assist in making technology work anywhere, anytime, on a limited budget


Provide IT leaders with the tools to protect student data and privacy


Partner with schools across the nation to implement successful BYOD and 1:1 programs


Together with our partners we can empower schools to deploy and manage devices across all platforms with simple and cost effective apps


Helping schools find the right device for their education environment to ensure it meets their needs across teaching and learning, manageability and deployment, and device functionality

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