The BYOD Society

Bring your own device is just a way of life now, for all of us. We usually want access to some data on our business network. Keeping track of mobile device’s that connect to your network can be a hassle. Do you have a way to find those devices if lost? Erase them if stolen? Push out policies you need? Are those devices encrypted?

Instant Management

We provide end-to-end management for all your mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, Androids, ChromeBooks, Kindle Fire devices, Windows Phones and Blackberry smartphones.

Seamless Integration

We integrate with your existing email platform (Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Office 365, and Google Apps)

Mobile Device Management Made Easy

Our comprehensive mobile device management services reduce costs associated with supporting an array of mobile devices. We have the ability to separate personal and company data while maintaining full control of polices and device configurations. We work with you to define your company’s mobile strategy and ensure the policies we create increase both productivity and employee satisfaction.


Our proven cloud-based approach easily enrolls all your mobile devices and quickly scales as you add devices.

Deployment & Configuration Management Services Reporting
Set device restrictions on features Email Configuration Detailed hardware and software inventory reports
applications and content ratings Calendar Configuration Configuration and vulnerability reports
Detect and restrict jail broken and rooted devices Contact Configuration Mobile expense management for real-time data usage
Deploy real-time compliance rules Wi-Fi Configuration
Geo-fencing rules enforce location-based compliance VPN Configuration
Distribute and manage company approved applications
Remotely locate
Remotely lock
Remotely wipe mobile device

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