Advanced Productivity Computing : Cloud Computing : What Is It?

Cloud Computing are servers on the internet, not local to your network.

Is Cloud Computing right for my business?

Cloud Computing makes the delivery of data and applications simple, having the availability of your data and applications from anywhere allows you to be more efficient. The most common Cloud Computing service used in business is email. Being able to host your email in the cloud is convenient, safe, and you get to use the same enterprise mail software large enterprises use. Which makes sharing information with on another a breeze.

What Can I Use Cloud Computing For

Cloud Computing is a great way to save money and create an easy to use collaborative environment for your employees; most businesses use Cloud Computing for email and backups. Some other common services found in the cloud are Google Apps (Productivity Suite), Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Lync, Microsoft SharePoint, QuickBooks, and Server Virtualization, really you can put anything in the cloud!

Is Cloud Computing Safe

Cloud Computing is safe, when done right. Our IT staff has an average of 10 years of technical experience, and we have our own IT security staff in-house. Making it easy for us to secure your data on the way to the cloud but also keep it safe once it gets there. Just remember encryption is key!

The Cloud Is Flexible

The best part about Cloud Computing is that you can increase or decrease services as you need them, you never have to pay for a bunch of IT services you do not use.

Cloud IT Service and Support

Our IT support monitors your data and cloud services 24/7/365.

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